Youth Academy Update!

The FCW Youth Academy is having a ton of fun and learning about the game while doing so! 

It has been exciting to see our Youth Academy Players improve since the beginning of the season through a variety of different games and sessions.   All of the teams have played in some league games, and our U9-U10 players recently played in the Croatian Tournament while the U6-U8 players played in the Racine Lighthouse Tournament this past weekend. Everyone has been spending lots of time in training becoming more comfortable with the ball, including using skill to beat defenders 1v1 and how to pressure and use their body to win the ball back. 

We see the U9-U10 players actively looking to make decisions on the ball, finding passing lanes, and working hard to win the ball back quickly after they lose it. The U9’s weekend was a great example of each player’s improved willingness and vision to pass to an open teammate. The U10’s have had many great weekends of competitive games where they work and defend together to win the ball back, while still maintaining composure on the ball when we have it to help us keep possession. 

Our U6 to U8 players have been working hard and concentrating on taking at least two touches on the ball and trying different moves to beat defenders. This helps them make decisions, rather than just kicking the ball. Their dribbling techniques have improved greatly as they are trying to use moves like the Scissors, Matthew’s, or a turn to get past defenders. Overall, we have seen lots of fun and learning moments!

We are excited to see continued growth throughout the fall season with all!

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