Youth Academy Players Stay Warm and Shine Bright!

Youth Academy Players Stay Warm and Shine Bright!

The FC Wisconsin Girls Academy players have been working hard this spring after a great winter season.  All of the players have shown improvement in their ball skills and decision making while having a lot of fun and building great friendships.

 The U6, U7, and U8 Academy players have been working on lots of fun moves in training and carrying over these skills into 1v1s, 2v2s, and in the games.  It is exciting to see these players actively trying to make decisions when they have the ball whether it be dribbling to try and use a fake to get past a defender, passing to an open teammate, or shooting on goal!

The U9 and U10 girls began their spring season at the EBU Spring Tournament with six great wins, lots of goals, and even more learning. They are continuing to work on picking up their head and scanning the field to see where their teammates are, the defenders are, and where there is open space in order to make the best decision they can with the ball. We can truly see all their hard work and training pay off!

We are excited to see the continued growth of our young players throughout the rest of the spring!

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