U11-U12 Pre-ECNL Program

The U11 and U12 Player Enrollment Fee includes: (i) all outdoor league and tournament entry fees, (ii) player registration and insurance, (iii) coaching salaries, (iv) outdoor training facility rental expenses, (iv) outdoor game facility rental expenses, (v) indoor training facility rental expenses, (vi) coaches’ travel expenses, and (vii) referee fees.

Player Enrollment Fee for U11 and U12 Age Groups: $2,150

Similar to every youth club, the following costs are not included in the player enrollment fee: (i) uniform cost, and (ii) player travel costs (minimal at these age groups).  

All fees are non-refundable.  In exceptional cases, refunds may be issued at the club's sole discretion and for unavoidable and uncontrollable circumstances as determined by the club.

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