Psychological Skills Training Program Provided to All U15 and Older!

FC Wisconsin offers a Psychological Skills Training Program to every player U15 and older, in both the ECNL Club and ECNL Regional League competitions.  The program is designed to help athletes develop the mental skills to perform at their best.  Below is an example of the "take-aways" that the Regioanl League program teams were provides as they discuss culture!

During this session we revisited why culture is important and what it helps a team or program accomplish. We also identified a few program norms and standards that help paint a picture of the culture.  

Remember culture is essentially the way things work within the program; it is not something you ARE, but instead something that each of you DO! Included in the previous email, culture matters because it.....
  1. Impacts every aspect of a program/team

  2. Sets the tone for the program priorities

  3. Defines the environment and impacts decisions that are made

  4. Impacts how individuals interact

  5. Influences performance and results 

Identifying the norms and standards will help paint a picture for each team and player so they  know the way things work and what it is they need to DO. This will help build team cohesion, and result in more consistent performances. 
After participating in an activity and a bit of healthy debate, the program identified the following norms/standards:
  1. Communication

  2. Hard work

  3. Giving your best effort 

  4. Having a positive attitude

  5. Holding each other accountable 

  6. Being responsible 

  7. Persevering 

  8. Knowing/following the game model 

Being a great player is more than a physical task!  Thanks to JCB Consulting and Joana Bromley for providing this great program for our players!

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