Injury Protocols - Returning at 100% As Efficiently As Possible!

Every youth player experiences injuries in their career.  Regardless of the severity of an injury, players that are diagnosed and treated the most efficiently and effectively are able to return to play faster and safer, and are able to return to 100% of their potential more quickly.  This means that players that are diagnosed and treated better will develop better and faster than those recieving sub-standard or generic care.

At FC Wisconsin, our goal is long-term athlete development in a holistic and safe environment.  Maximizing long-term development and potential on the field requires setting high performance standards such that players are able to train at 100% of their ability as often as possible.  

To help players be at their 100% most frequently, it is important to prevent "minor" injuries from becoming more significant, and to identify potential injury concerns as early as possible.  This means that the standards for diagnosing and treating an injury must also be high.  The standards for injury care at FC Wisconsin are; 

  • Report an injury concern or potential injury as soon as possible - to your coach and through the Fit-For-90 platform.
  • Take immediate action upon suffering any type of injury, or when repetitive pain persists in any part of the body. This action can be as simple as icing at home or seeking out further instruction or treatment through formal diagnosis.  No injury is too small to initiate a remedy, and no concern too small to ask for help or professional advice.
  • If an injury has been diagnosed, injury care should be implemented quickly.  The most effective treatment will consider the demands of the sport when the player returns, and will therefore focus on restoring each players' ability to meet those demands when they return to the field - doing so as safely and quickly as possible.  

Soccer-Centric Injury Care.  When the demands in training and competition are high, it is even more important that injuries and injury concerns are addressed early, and that treatment considers the demands to which the athlete is returning.  Lowering standards in care, or delaying to report an injury to "tough it out," can cause higher risk of greater injury, higher risk of lost time, lower performance levels, and ultimately slower development.  

If you have questions about an injury, or believe you may have an injury, we suggest you reach out to independent Sports Medicine Consultant Calvin Deutsch for a diagnosis and potential recommendations for treatment.  Doing so can help remedy nagging issues, resolve "minor" injuries, identify more significant concerns, and help you stay at your best and keep your best getting better!

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