Becoming Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

A key philosophy of the FC Wisconsin training and developmental philosophy is to push players to train on the edge of their abilities.  We expect players to “become comfortable being uncomfortable.”  This means we design training activities that stretch the players, are difficult, create mistakes, and demand concentration.  Within these activities, we expect the players to do things faster and cleaner on a regular basis, and to continually raise their own expectations of quality and performance.  We point out (in intricate detail) what went well and worked (individually and collectively) – but also what did not and how it needs to be changed. 

Daniel Coyle, author of the best-selling book “The Talent Code” provides a great 90 second video on why that philosophy – a philosophy of training and practicing on the edge– enhances learning:   In his terms – “when you are operating on the edge of your ability … when you are making errors …when you are struggling … your learning speed goes up 10 times.”  Within this type of environment, performance continually improves – and with it the joy of performing improves.  Within this environment, players learn to love to compete, love to challenge themselves, and embrace high expectations.

FC Wisconsin players learn to be comfortable being uncomfortable, and learn the feeling of skill mastery.  This focus brings more individual opportunity, and more team success, over the long-term than any other philosophy. 


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