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The true value of any soccer experience is the long-term impact it has on the players.  This value is best assessed by hearing either from the people that have already been through the experience, or who have moved on to college and beyond and can look back with perspective on what they gained from their youth soccer careers – and the teams, coaches, teammates they worked with.

For many years, the coaches at FC Wisconsin, and the player development curriculum used at FC Wisconsin, has helped aspirng soccer players develop and become elite, and has opened doors to unique opportunities for players across Wisconsin. The players that have been through this process have had tremendous experiences as youth players, and many have gone on to have distinguished careers in college.  Some have even represented the United States in youth national teams.

The FC Wisconsin “Player and Staff Interviews” are a series of interviews with current or former youth players, current or former staff of FC Wisconsin, or current or former parents of young players.

The perspective and insight brought by former players when looking back on their youth career provides a unique and insightful perspective on youth soccer – specifically on what it takes to develop into an elite player.  These former players provide information that they wished they would have known going through the youth development process, and help everyone remember the impact this experience can have on and off the field.

Interviews with staff members have a different purpose.  They are designed to: (i) provide more insight on the developmental path of youth players in the club, (ii) help players learn from those that have been before them, and (iii) allow everyone to get to know more about the coaches and what helped form the coaching philosophies within the club.

Finally, comments from current or former parents provide a very personal insight into the changes they have seen in their daughters, the experience of their daughters on and off the field, and the reason they chose to join the club in the first place.

Together, these interviews should help players in their personal journey.  New interviews and perspectives will be added every few weeks.  While each person will have their own unique perspective and their own journey, you will see many of the same concepts and thoughts expressed through all of them.

Being a part of FC Wisconsin is a unique experience.  Be proud you have taken the step to become a part of this club.  Be mindful of the part you will play in building the future.

Aspire ... Develop ... Achieve 


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