Kenzie Challoner To Be Pre-ECNL Director

Kenzie Challoner To Be Pre-ECNL Director

FC Wisconsin is excited to announce that this fall, Kenzie Challoner will become the club’s new Pre-ECNL Director, with responsibility for the development and management of the club’s U11 – U12 Pre-ECNL teams and players.


“I have really enjoyed my experience coaching with FC Wisconsin this year, and am so excited to be able to work closely with players at such important developmental age groups,” said Challoner.  “I deeply believe in the club’s philosophy connecting programming and methodology across all the age groups, and in the collaborative and supportive coaching environment.”


The FC WI Pre-ECNL teams compete in various local leagues and competitions in the spring and fall, and will have opportunity to match up against other ECNL clubs in regional Pre-ECNL events this coming year.  This balancing of local competition with the high levels of Pre-ECNL competition creates a great development experience of both challenge, growth, and success.  During the winter Pre-ECNL players continue regular training (with flexibility for players competing in winter sports), compete in-house, and have additional individual technical development opportunities.   


It is such a great opportunity for these players to compete against other high level competitive clubs at a younger age.  This will be the best environment for our players to develop and grow. I can’t wait to be a part of it,” continued Challoner.


“Kenzie has a great energy and positivity, and has been through the club as a player and now as a coach,” said Executive Director Hayley Lavers.  “She will do a fantastic job mentoring, developing, and teaching these young players.”


Players interested in the Pre-ECNL program this fall should reach out to the club.  Tryouts and team placement for the 2022-2023 season will begin in late May or June.

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