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If you have made it this far into the site, chances are there is something about FC Wisconsin that interests you.  Perhaps it is the ability to compete in the country’s best league for girls ... Perhaps it is the unmatched coaching staff and the incredible learning environment ... Perhaps it is the other developmental opportunities open to FC Wisconsin players.

The bottom line is now you need to take the next step ... and walk through the door.

  • Come to a training session! FC Wisconsin training sessions are open to interested players at any time.  Reading about what makes us different is one thing ... experiencing it is even more powerful.  Email to find a time that works for you.
  • Sign up for more information.  Complete the form available here to recieve periodic updates on what is going on at FC Wisconsin.  Perhaps one of the updates of the new, innovative, and fun things going on will motivate you to come to a training session!
  • Email us with specific questions.  Our staff is always available to answer questions about the program, the environment, and to help you determine if we may be a good fit for you.  Email us at any time!

Aspire.  Develop.  Achieve.

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