FC Wisconsin Nationals Background and Founding

FC Wisconsin Nationals was founded in 2013, as the re-structured and re-focused successor to FC Milwaukee Nationals. The new brand of “FC Wisconsin Nationals” reflects a new philosophy, club vision, and club structure all designed to improve the daily player development environment.

  • The brand “FC Wisconsin” represents the scope of the club’s player pool and vision – to represent and include the top players from throughout the state of Wisconsin.
  • The moniker “Nationals” reflects the club’s ambition to help players develop to be successful at a national level, and is also a nod to its past history.

From a coaching standpoint, the club’s staff has been re-created from the ground up with individuals focused on long-term player development, a commitment to ongoing coaching education, and a passion for helping players maximize their potential. From a structural standpoint, the club has been re-organized around coaching pods that allow multiple coaches to interact with every player – to provide improved coaching ratios, more individual attention, and the true feel of a soccer “club.

FC Wisconsin Nationals Programming

FC Wisconsin Nationals and FC Wisconsin Eclipse are partner programs for male and female soccer players. Each program has the same goal of improving the player development environment in Wisconsin.

The different brands represent the areas of focus of each program, and the aspirations of the players. The FC Wisconsin Eclipse brand is applied to the top girls players and teams in Wisconsin; players that are or will in the future compete in the Elite Clubs National League – the nation’s highest level of girls youth soccer. The FC Wisconsin Nationals brand is applied to the top boys players and teams in Wisconsin; players that are or will in the future compete the National Premier Leagues (NPL).

The staff in both programs work closely with each other to share ideas, implement curriculum, and lead Wisconsin soccer. The programs are each structured differently to meet the unique needs of aspiring female and male soccer players, and to allow laser-like focus on the needs of each program. To learn more about the structure, goals, and program of FC Wisconsin Nationals, go to www.fcwisconsin.com.

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