FC WI Psychological Skills Program Makes an Impact

This month the club's U15-U18 ECNL and ECNL Regional League Teams wrapped up their team Psychological Skills Training (PST) sessions, led by former player and FCW coach Joana Bromley, who is the founder of JCB Mental Performance Consulting.  Joana obtained her Masters in Sports Performance and Psychology, and was a collegiate soccer player at UW Madison. She is a Certified Mental Performance Consultant® or coach (CMPC). 


The PST Program fohas been offered for the last 5 years and has been very helpful for both individuals and teams in a variety of ways. The PST program is designed to help educate players about the psychological aspects of soccer, and provide them with tools and knowledge to help reach optimal performance and enjoyment (individually and collectively) in the demanding environment of elite youth soccer. This year the PST Program was tailored specific to each team and each program's needs. 


This year's sessions allowed players to develop a comprehensive understanding of the significance of prioritizing the team by identifying detrimental behaviors and factors that hinder team resilience, understand the importance of creating a culture of accountability to maximize team productivity, and identify team values to help guide the team and act as a foundation for expected behaviors. 


With many new players in the FCW ECNL Regional League Program, their PST Sessions helped them develop strong personal connections to foster understanding and build connections between teammates, allowed players to engage in team-building exercises to cultivate trust, effective communication and collaboration, and ultimately develop and establish a program culture that encompasses shared values, norms, and expectations. 


Thanks to Joana for providing this great program to our players as we know these topics are not only important for player development but also as these athletes grow into becoming young adults!

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