Fall 2023 Youth Academy Sign-ups are OPEN!

For U6-U10 Players

The most important ages for skill acquisition, basic understanding of the game, and for learning movement mechanics are ages 6-10!  At FC Wisconsin we provide young athletes these fundamentals in a fun soccer environment designed to teach players the basics and inspire them to love the sport.  

The U6-U10 FC Wisconsin Youth Academy Program provides training and competition opportunities in the fall, winter and spring seasons. All players learn the fundamentals of athletic movement (agility, balance, coordination) and soccer technique and decision-making (passing, dribbling, shooting, receiving, defending).  The Youth Academy teams are staffed with the same expert coaches that train the club's top teams - with fun activities and developmentally appropriate games.  

Fall Season (August - November)

  • 2 Trainings Per Week
  • Local Competition (League and/or Tournament)
    • **Competition is almost entirely in Milwaukee and south-eastern Wisconsin

Winter Season (December, February, March)

  • 1-2 Trainings Per Week
  • Local Indoor Competition (League and/or Tournament)

Spring Season (April - June)

  • 2 Trainings Per Week
  • Local Competition (League and/or Tournament)
    • **Competition is almost entirely in Milwaukee and south-eastern Wisconsin

For cost information on the Youth Academy Program, click here.  

To sign up for the 2023-24 FC Wisconsin Girls Youth Academy click here!! (Once you set up an account log in HERE: add child, select Registration Programs, Public Programs, FC WI 23.24 Youth Academy Registration.)

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