Individual, Small Group, and Specialty Training

The foundation of any great player is laid in hours and hours of individual training - training on their own, when no one is watching, to get the thousands of repetitions and touches that are required for true ball mastery.

FC Wisconsin coaches are available for individual or smll group training for players at all age groups, in all technical areas.  

To sign-up for an individual training session or a small group training session, please fill out a registration form available here.  After your registration is recieved, an FC Wisconsin staff member will contact you to schedule your sessions.

The FC Wisconsin philosophy on individual training is as follows:

  • Individual training with a coach is a supplement, not a substitute, to individual training without a coach.  
  • Individual training should involve thousands of touches per hour by the player - not thousands of words per hour from the coach.
  • Individual training should give players new ideas on how to train on their own, and expert feedback and technical correction on subtle points regarding body movement, mechanics, and soccer technique.
  • Individual training should motivate players to train more on their own and to move forward and do more without the need for constant oversight.  

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