Youth Academy Players High Energy

Youth Academy Players High Energy

The FC Wisconsin Youth Academy began training Tuesday, August 27th, with players arriving in their sharp black training t-shirts eager to be reunited with their teammates and meet the new players joining their team.  Motivation was high, as the older U9 and U10 Academy players led by example, jumping straight into small sided games as they arrived.


The U7 and U8 players were excited to see U18 ECNL player Jordyn Jeffers and U17 ECNL player Ahnna Faust in the Academy session on Tuesday. These players are a part of the new FC Wisconsin Coaches Training Program, which includes senior players in the Youth Academy sessions each week, and aims to assist them in learning how to create, structure, and manage training sessions.  Other players involved in this program include U18 ECNL players Maggie Starker, Emily Ehlert, and U15 RC player Katie McNamara.


During the first week of training the primary focus for the Academy players was to enjoy competing!  Players were put into a variety of 1v1, 4v4 and 7v7 situations where they were encouraged to be creative, use their skill and protect the ball by keeping it close to their body. 


We are excited for the first Youth Academy games September 14th and 15th!

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