Youth Academy Kicks into High Gear!

Youth Academy Kicks into High Gear!

The FC Wisconsin Academy was hit with some rainy and unpredictable Wisconsin weather in the first few weeks of the season, but is now off and running.  With many just beginning their journey in the game, the players brought great energy and enthusiasm to the first practice of the season and were eager to get a ball at their feet and get training started from the minute they arrived and poured out of the cars. The first training included lots of opportunities to get touches on the ball as well as free play to provide the athletes with chances to be creative, competitive, and get to know some of their new teammates.

The second week of the fall season introduced the FC Wisconsin Technical Improvement Program (TIP). This proprietary FC Wisconsin program encourages players to get touches on the ball outside of the practice environment by teaching them fun, engaging activities and challenges with a ball, and provides rewards and incentives for players that put in the most touches!  Make sure you ask your athlete about the new TIP skills they learned in practice!

"I have been really impressed with the energy and attitude of the players, and it has been a real pleasure to work with them," said Youth Academy Director Joana Bielefeld.  "It will be really fun to see the growth in their skills, ideas, and excitement for the game this season!"

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