U15 and U16 Teams Qualify for ECNL North American League Post-Season Play-Offs

After a long 10 months of competition against the best teams across the country, the FC Wisconsin Eclipse U15 and U16 teams have qualified for the ECNL North American League Play-Offs, starting Friday, June 21 in Denver, CO.

Qualifiers for the ECNL Play-Offs are determined through the most demanding youth female competition in the country.  For the past year, ECNL clubs have played a combination of conference games and games at ECNL National Showcase Events all with the same goal - to qualify for the ECNL Play-Offs.  Qualifying for the ECNL Play-Offs is one of the most difficult things to do in youth female soccer, requiring players and teams to prove their quality and mettle against the very best in the United States.  For FC Wisconsin Eclipse, that path has included going through one of the most difficult conferences in the ECNL, with home and away match-ups against perennial Top 5 national greats Eclipse Select and Michigan Hawks, and a who's who of other Midwestern powers.

The ECNL Play-Offs are divided into two divisions.  The ECNL Champions League consists of the best 32 teams in the ECNL, all of whom have qualified either as ECNL conference winners, top finishers or wildcards.  The ECNL North American League consists of the best 32 teams in the ECNL outside of the Champions League.  These teams qualify as wildcards based on results of all of the ECNL games played throughout the year.  

Each team qualifying for the Champions League and North American League play-off will be drawn into a four-team play-off group.  The draw will be released on video, live, in the next 48 hours.  Stay tuned to see the path to the ECNL North American Finals for FC Wisconsin Eclipse.

For a video sneak peak of what the ECNL Play-Offs mean, watch below:

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