Team of the Week - U15 ECNL

The U15 ECNL team is made up of players from all across the state and even incluse some from outside of Wisconsin!  The geographic spread from whcih they come doesn’t stop this group from being a cohesive unit on the field, as they possess and move the ball with speed and purpose.


The U15 ECNL kicked off their season with a strong start and are currently undefeated in ECNL play! They had an impressive performance against the Michigan Hawks last weekend in a 1-1 tie, proving that they can compete with anyone in the country.

Watching this team possess and progress up the field is a treat, and watching them interact off the field is sure to make you laugh. If you watch their warm-up closely, you might catch them breaking out in a line dance to the well-known song Cotton Eye Joe. This pre-match tradition has been around for a while, and is here to stay!


The team also has great nicknames for each other, and after hearing a few including Penguin, Llama, and Turtle, you might think you are at your local zoo when you come to training. They even compete off the field by battling each other virtual in the game Among Us on their smartphones.

If you want to watch this group compete, you’ll have to buckle up for a few hours and head to Iowa. They play SLSG-White on Saturday, October 1st and SLSG-Navy Sunday, November 1st

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