Success and Progress at the Eclipse Spring Classic

On April 25-27, the 2014 Spring Teams played in their second tournament of the spring season in Oak Brook, IL at the Eclipse Spring Classic.  Similar to the Blue Chip Showcase a few weeks earlier, players from multiple age groups were combined into different teams throughout the weekend to challenge every player and provide new experiences and developmental opportunities in each game.

In the four games played on the weekend, (2 were cancelled due to lightning and storms on Sunday), the FC Wisconsin Eclipse mixed Spring Teams were undefeated with 2 wins and 2 ties - in match-ups against the Michigan Hawks and several mixed age group teams from Eclipse Select (IL).  

"This event is a unique opportunity for our players," said staff coach Vito Parente.  "To be able to play clubs like Eclipse and Michigan Hawks at multiple age groups, and to do so close to home, is really convenient.  The ability to mix our players up, and then play mixed teams from Eclipse, also provides a really different competition experience than the fall season for us and for them.  It stretches and challenges our players in different ways - another way the spring season is unique."

The 2014 FC Wisconsin Eclipse spring season continues this weekend with a Saturday game against the University of Wisconsin - Whitewater, a participant in the 2013 NCAA Division III National Tournament.

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