Psychology "Nudges" Keep Players Thinking!


Over the course of the fall and winter season, the FC Wisconsin Psychological Skills Training (PST) team sessions provided by JCB Mental Performance Consulting provided a huge amount of information and value for our U15-U18 players.  As a part of our club commitment to help players continue their mental skill development while team training is suspended, Joana Bromley will be challenging the brains of all players U11 and above with weekly mental ‘nudges’ for the rest of the spring season.


Nudges are defined as, “subtle interventions that help guide athlete choices without limiting them.” Each week Joana will get players' brains firing by posting a ‘nudge’ about a topic relating to the mental aspects of the game. These will include educational tidbits and questions to help players make small changes, will be easy to implement, get players thinking about the game, and help them keep a positive mindset over the next few weeks.


During week one of the "Nudges," players were challenged to identify the behaviors that leaders demonstrate both on and off the pitch. They were also asked to discuss if a team typically has one leader, or if there are several leaders that accomplish different things. This week, the athletes are being asked to think about team cohesion, how they can interact and communicate with their teammates during this time, and how building team cohesion will benefit them now and once they are back on the field together.

Joana ( has encouraged all players to email her with their answers, thoughts and any other questions they may have.  She has and will continue to provide individual feedback to each athlete that she receives an email from!

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