Pre-ECNL U11 and U12 Teams Learning Fast

The U11-U12 Pre-ECNL teams are well into the fall season showing growth, learning every week, and having a lot of fun.


In training the teams have been focusing on applying technique with faster decision-making. The TIP (Technical Improvement Program) training has been added into weekly sessions, so players can work on different ways of receiving the ball, turning with the ball, 1v1 moves with the ball, and much more. This is a great way for them to be at home with a ball and practice the same on their own. 


Fast decision-making is built on perception - and learning where to look and what to look for as a player.  The competitive environment of quick transitions and with a lot of hard work doesn't make it easy, but the players are getting better and better at  moving the ball quicker and popping quickly into different pockets of space. 

Last weekend both teams participated in the Racine Lighthouse Tournament for some good local games.  Both the U11 and U12 teams displayed good moments of building out of the back and getting the ball forward, and created a lot of dangerous opportunities.


The U12 team will be attending their first Pre-ECNL event next weekend in Indiana. This event will be a great way to showcase what we have been focusing on in training while being able to measure ourselves against a very high level of competition.  On top of that, the excitement of playing in the ECNL atmosphere at a national event is unmatched!

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