Pre-ECNL Players Start Season Sharp

Pre-ECNL Players Start Season Sharp

The FC Wisconsin Pre-ECNL Program wrapped up their first week of practice last Friday after 3 days of focus on the primary principles of the FC Wisconsin Game Model in attack.  With lots of discussion and thought on the principles of "creating space" (individually and collectively), and "positioning to face forward," the U11 and U12 players learned how to create better situations for penetration and ultimately lots of finishing opportunities!  You can see some of those great finishes here!


The Pre-ECNL players were also introduced to the first set of TIP® Exercises for the year. The FC Wisconsin Technical Improvement Program (TIP®) is designed for players that want to maximize their ability with a ball, to help players learn how to train individually, and as a supplement to team training.  Throughout the fall season, players will be taught new individual technical exercises every two weeks as part of TIP®. See two of our Pre-ECNL players perform one of these ball manipulation activities here!

We are looking forward to lots of learning and some great play in our Pre-ECNL Program this year, with players in Milwaukee and Madison, and with lots of potential for the future!

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