New Mental Performance Program for FC WI U15-U18 Players in 2019-20

New Mental Performance Program for FC WI U15-U18 Players in 2019-20

Beginning this fall, all players in the U15 – U18 age groups at FC Wisconsin will have the ability to participate in a new Mental Performance Program as part of their development in the club.

The Mental Performance Program will be conducted by Mental Performance Consultant Joana Bromley, and will include sessions discussing concepts and management techniques regarding anxiety and arousal regulation, motivation, concentration, self-confidence, and more. 

Joana Bromley has a Master’s Degree in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Sport and Performance Psychology, and has worked with players and teams in soccer, baseball, wrestling, volleyball and other sports. 

There will be no additional cost to players to participate in the Mental Performance Program sessions, which will be included in the club’s standard registration fee.

“We think it will be incredibly valuable for our players to learn how to become aware of, manage, and control the emotions, reactions, and thoughts that the demands of high level sport can create,” said Director of Coaching and Methodology Christian Lavers.  “This is another area where our club is committed to helping Wisconsin players become better performers, to maximize their ability and enjoyment in the game, and to learn techniques that will help them off the field as well.”

“I am extremely excited for the opportunity to educate the players about the psychological aspects of soccer. I hope to help the players train their brain and provide them with the tools to consistently perform their best!  ,” said Joana Bromley.  “Proactively teaching psychological strategies to youth athletes gives them time to practice and advance these skills throughout sport development. These skills may not only potentially enhance their current sport experience, but future sport experience as well.”

The Mental Performance Program sessions will be built into the standard schedule for players in the club’s ECNL and Regional Competitive Program from U15 – U18.


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