Nearly 50 FC Wisconsin Alums Kick Off College Season

The Fall 2017 College Soccer Season will see nearly 50 FC Wisconsin alums playing on universities all over the country, at every level.  From the Big 10, to the Big 12, to the Big East, to the Sumitt League, to the Missouri Valley, FC Wisconsin players are lighting it up at every level.

Catch-up on some of the exciting news from last week's games:

  • Wisconsin upset #3 University of Virginia behind the game-winning goal from Dani Rhodes, with Payton Wesley starting in the back, Steph Fabry coming off the bench, and Chloe Knudtson and Jordyn Bloomer.
  • Marquette beat Central Michigan 1-0 with Mary Kate Simon, Caroline Fink, and Bri Jaeger all starting while Allison Jacobson came off the bench.
  • Milwaukee beat Indiana State 3-0 with Cassidy Blanchard and Taylor Tabbert starting, and Ana Portz and Erin Corrigan coming off the bench.
  • Illinois State beat Pittsburgh 1-0 with Kate Del Fava starting.
  • Louisville (with Taylor Kerwin starting) beat Southeast Missouri State (and Hannah Compernolle and Katie Wegmann) 1-0.
  • Cornell lost 1-3 to Eastern Washington with Maddie Hoitink coming off the bench.
  • Depaul lost to Purdue 0-2 after beating Akron 5-0 with Kristina Barczak and Michaela Hoard coming off the bench.
  • New Hampshire beat Colorado State 2-1 with Gaby Dorsey starting.
  • Denver lost to San Diego State 1-3 with Mary Dewalt starting.
  • Washington State lost to Santa Clara 1-2 with Elyse Bennett coming off the bench.
  • Baylor defeated Ball State with Jenn Wandt starting in goal.
  • University of Rochester with Christina Feller starting and Andrea Lopez beat Smith 1-0.
  • Florida Atlantic and Maddie Pung lost 1-2 to Kent State.
  • Florida Gulf Coast and Elyse Hansen defeated Liberty 3-2.
  • Northeastern and Mollie Rosen lost 1-2 to Boston College.
  • SMU defeated Washington 2-1 to remain undefeated with Jess Cooley starting.
  • Wright State lost to #6 West Virginia 0-2 with Kat Schmidt starting.
  • MIT defeated Lesley 5-2 with Lilly Mueller in goal.
  • Valparaiso defeated Belmont 1-0 with Adi Johnson starting.
  • Green Bay with Kara Baugrad and Mara Pfeilstifter lost 0-3 to Northern Illinois
  • Washington St. Louis ranked #1 in Division 3 and Kristin Reikersdorfer defeated Depauw and Mia Manney.
  • Duke and Mary Elizabeth Bender defeated Bucknell 2-0.
  • Cardinal Stritch defeated Grand View 3-0 with Mariah Downs and Katie Golabowski starting.
  • Case Western Reserve defeated Pittsburgh-Bradford 2-0 with Gabbie Kiefer starting.
  • University of Indianapolis lost 0-1 to Saginaw Valley State with Amy Wilson coming off the bench.
  • Western Illinois and Emma Keckeisen lost to Milwaukee 0-3.
  • Oral Roberts and Hannah Lech lost to Utah Valley State 1-2.
  • Oklahoma State smashed University of Texas - San Antonio 6-0 with Michela Ongaro in goal.

If you want to play college soccer, there is one proven pathway in Wisconsin to get you there - FC Wisconsin!

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