How to Develop More Thoughtful Soccer Players in Youth Soccer!

An Article in Soccer America by DOC Christian Lavers

Director Christian Lavers' article on how to develop more thoughtful players at U12 and younger was published by Soccer America's Youth Soccer Insider this week, and identifies systemic problems in the youth environment at the youngest age groups that hinder learning and thinking.  Read the article to find out why teams at these age group shouldn't punt, shouldn't high press defensively, should be taught how to think about space and possession-oriented concepts, and more!

Read the article here!

The answer to developing insightful and confident players at senior age groups begins with creating an empowering environment at the youngest age groups that allows players to think, make decisions, and learn from them.  Too much adult, result-oriented thinking in these age groups is creating players that play a game of low risk, little thought, and field position.

How do the teams in your club play the game at these age groups?  Read the article, contemplate, and make your own decision on what is the best way for long-term development and success!

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