First Intra-Club Event in Madison a Huge Success

Players from Milwaukee and Madison Come Together!

On Saturday, August 29, FC WI Eclipse held the first Intra-Club Event in Verona bringing together U11 and U12 players from all over Wisconsin into one club event.  The event allowed the club to create a totally developmentally-focused environment where players were able to better express themselves, make decisions, and show creativity on and off the ball.

Nearly 40 young players were a part of the event, participating in technical skill training and a 4v4 competition circuit.  Coaches from Milwaukee and Madison were there to work with the players throughout the day.  At the end of the day, players and parents stayed around for a club picnic and lunch and tighter bonds between Milwaukee and Madison players were formed.

The Intra-Club event provides huge development advantages to the FC WI Eclipse players. First, by playing in small-sided formats, players are provided more repetitions on the ball and more decision-making opportunities.  Eliminating the unnecessary "formalism" of typical youth soccer competitions in Wisconsin allows coaches more time to interact with and provide specific feedback for the players.  Finally, eliminating the focus on winning in youth games that results in high pressure defending and low risk decision-making by players provides a much better learning experience for the players.

FC WI Eclipse will be hosting several more Intra-Club Events throughout the season in Milwaukee and Madison, with a variety of different and unique formats and experiences!



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