First Annual "Eclipse ECNL Derby" on Sunday October 28!

After the first scheduled "derby" was post-poned due to inclimate weather, and after a difficult road trip to Michigan last weekend, FC Wisconsin Eclipse travels to Oakbrook, IL on Sunday, October 28, to play Eclipse Select (IL) in the first "Eclipse ECNL Derby".  

"The games we are playing over this 3 week period sum up the ECNL," said Christian Lavers.  "Home and away against Eclipse Select and the MIchigan Hawks over a 3 week period is as tough a schedule as you can put together in this country.  We are looking forward to the challenge, and continuing our growth as players, teams, and a club."

Founded in 1997, Eclipse Select (IL) has become one of the top girls soccer clubs in the country over the past 15 years, and won the ECNL Overall Club National Championship in 2011.  In June 2012, FC Wisconsin Eclipse was founded as an independent affiliate of Eclipse Select in Wisconsin, with the mission of helping aspiring Wisconsin players to develop to become nationally elite.  With only 80 miles separating the two clubs, the annual home and away ECNL matches are destined to be highly competitive and entertaining games, and will play a large role in determining the ECNL Midwest Conference Championship every year.  

"Part of being a player in FC Wisconsin Eclipse is understanding that you are part of something bigger than yourself and your team - you are a part of the most innovative and professional soccer club in Wisconsin and all the teams that belong to that," said Monica White.  "Being a part of the Eclipse brand is something similar - it means that you and your teams are part of one of the most successful developmental clubs in the United States."  

The two clubs are working together in multiple areas in the interests of improving player development and opportunity for Eclipse players.  Coaching exchanges have already occured in Illinois, and this week FC Wisconsin Eclipse players had the opportunity to participate in the Eclipse College Showcase.  These are the beginnings of many different programs that will unite these clubs.

Sunday begins the first of a long competitive rivalry between 2 ambitious clubs that will include many of the next generation of college stars!

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