Final Intra-Club Event Brings A Special Treat!

November 7th was the final Intra-Club event for the fall season, held at FC Wisconsin Soccer Park in Germantown - and had a special treat for the young U11s and U12s.  

November 7th was the final Intra-Club event for the 2015 fall outdoor season, and was held at FC Wisconsin Soccer Park in Germantown.  FC Wisconsin U11 and U12 players from Madison and Milwaukee came together for a great day of technical training, a 4v4 tournament, and a special opportunity to interact and play with the club's U15-U18 ECNL players in a development focused environment.  

The day started with light technical and agility work with the ball and some movement-based contests - with the ECNL players joining in the fun.  After these warm-up activities, a 4v4 round robin with teams of players mixed from U11 to U18 saw a lot of laughing and cheering as young tackled old, and everyone tried new tricks and feints to show their skill.  The day finished with a 4v4 tournament between the U11/12 players and a special championship game cheered on by the club's oldest players - with chants of "I Believe That We Will Win" and many others punctuating the air.

A true club is about more than just the game, and a culture of leadership and development has role models that give back to help the "next generation" of players.  The feeling of togetherness was palpable on November 7, and showed the impact that experienced players can have on young players, and the excitement that is generated when players are part of #morethanaclub.

"We believe that great players become great by being surrounded by others that inspire them - younger and older - and that being a part of something bigger than yourself is one of the most important experiences in youth sports," said Director Christian Lavers.  "The FC Wisconsin player is someone that wants to share their experiences with more than just a team, and who wants to be around other people that challenge them, inspire them, and have similar ambitions.  Being in this club is about a larger experience, and our players have internalized that special feeling.  More importantly, they have created a culture where this feeling is felt by everyone who comes on this journey."   

Thank you to everyone that came out and gave of themselves on November 7!


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