FC Wisconsin - Madison Finishes a Great Fall Season

Mix of New and Returning Players, New Staff Mesh Quickly

FC Wisconsin - Madison Finishes a Great Fall Season

The FC Wisconsin – Madison Program finished the Fall Season with great individual gains in game understanding, growth in technical ability, and some great results earned through stylish soccer. Overall, it was a great season for a lot of new players in the club, and another year of progress for the returners!


It was a new club environment for many of the U11 and U12 players, but coaches Drew and Chrissy Watson helped make the transition fun and easy for everyone.  Both the U11’s & U12’s showed great technical improvement through the season, helped by their participation in the club’s Technical Improvement Program (TIP) for teaching players how to work with a ball at home.  The fall TIP Program focused on ball manipulation and ball striking, supplementing the hard work done every week in team training to put these skills into context.  The combination of learning how to make good soccer decisions (and the cues that help that process), and the ability to execute these decisions with the ball, is the core of soccer development - and the U11s and U12s snapped up information they were given this fall.


Both the U11’s and U12’s showed great improvement in their ability to possess the ball and build play from the back as they learned how to read pressure and position to support their teammates, create space for their team, and look for options before they recieved the ball. The U12’s also set a high standard of competitiveness, with a positive pressing mentality to get the ball back quickly, even in the attacking third of the field.  Both groups continued to develop their understanding of the club game model as the season concluded, with a clear style of play becoming more obvious and consistent as the weeks went on.


The U15’s completed their season with a fantastic 14-1-1 record, taking on all comers across the state. The team made big steps defensively this year, as the back line proved very difficult to get behind as they learned how to read the opponents and protect space.  With a better physical presence across the field, the team dominated matches more consistently than in years prior - combining their good game understanding with the new determination to win physical battles. Sarah Bekx and Emily Wallace in particular showed improved understanding of positioning in regards to reading pressure, while Sotera Boado and Megan Merlet became powerful threats as they continued to press high and join the attack with mid fielders Jasmine Luck and Abby Myers. Offensively, the U15’s showed the ability to create chances regardless of their opponent, and Tiana Johnson and Aubrey Holtski found the back of the net continually to help to clinch wins and tournament championships.


Congrats to all the players and teams in Madison on a great season!

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