FC Wisconsin Eclipse Takes on Sockers-FC Chicago in ECNL Action

The FC Wisconsin Eclipse season-opening homestand continues on Saturday, September 22, as the U14-U17 ECNL age groups take on Sockers-FC Chicago.  (The U18 game has been postponed to a later date in the fall.)

Last weekend, FC Wisconsin Eclipse teams played their first ever ECNL games against Sporting KC, finishing with 1 win, 2 ties, and 2 losses against one of the top clubs in the ECNL Midwest Conference.  This week’s opponent, Sockers-FC Chicago, also opened their ECNL season last weekend with a tough cross-town "derby" against rival Chicago club Eclipse Select (IL), where they were swept from U15-U18 in four tough and competitive games.

"Any time you get a point in the ECNL, it is well earned," said FC Wisconsin Eclipse coach Vito Parente.  "There are no easy games - the ECNL is where the best female players and teams n the country are competing.  All you have to do is watch one game, and you will see the intensity and quality is unmatched."

FC Wisconsin Eclipse U14s got the program’s first ever ECNL win last weekend, with Lindsey Weiss scoring the first ever goal off an assist from Camille Davre.  The U15s tied 4-4 in a barn-burner of a game with four different goal scorers (Taylor Kerwin, Mikaela Hoard, Jennifer Wendling, and Payton Wesley).  The focus of FC WIsconsin Eclipse in pushing players up age groups in competition was clearly evident, as 3 of the 4 goal scorers at U14 and U15 (Weiss, Kerwin, and Hoard) were playing a year up on the day.  At U16, FC Wisconsin Eclipse fought for a tough 0-0 tie in a game that could have gone either way.  

"I was impressed with some of the defensive intensity that the teams displayed on Saturday," said Monica White.  "Brianna Jaeger, Chloe Knudtsen, and Steph Fabry really led the way at U16 to keep Sporting off the scoreboard with some great 1 vs. 1 defending and courage in the air." 

The U17 and U18 teams struggled last week against some of the best teams in the country, and also against a rash of injuries at both age groups that has left them short-handed again this week.  "Handling adversity is an inevitable part of development," said Director Christian Lavers.  "It can come in the form of a great opponent, a run of tough luck, a bad call, or countless other ways.  Our U17s and U18s are facing some adversity now, but have shown great character this week in training despite the injuries.  The best way to move forward in those circumstances is to jump back into competition with even greater focus, and I think we are ready to dot that."

Come see the country’s highest level of girls soccer this weekend at FC Milwaukee Soccer Park!  Kick-off begins at 10:30 with the U14s, and games continue throughout the day!

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