FC Wisconsin Eclipse Partners with ATI Physical Therapy

In order to provide top quality injury evaluation, assessment, and treatment, FC Wisconsin Eclipse has partnered with ATI Physical Therapy to provide the athletes and their families with prompt, elite care.

ATI athletic trainers will be on-site at FC Wisconsin Eclipse trainings at least one day per week (and often more frequently).  These athletic trainers are available to evaluate injuries or concerns from previous trainings or weekend competition, to provide taping or other pre-training services, to give recommendations for at-home treatment or therapeutic exercises where possible, and to insure rapid access to therapy and rehab where necessary.  The athletic trainers are also available to help family members of FC Wisconsin Eclipse athletes in the same manner.

The FC Wisconsin Eclipse website includes information regarding the relationship, the designated athletic trainer for FC Wisconsin Eclipse (Darren Rose), and the process for scheduling injury screens or physical therapy (click here).

Of course, every FC Wisconsin Eclipse athlete is free to use any medical provider, athletic trainer, or therapist of their choice.  The relationship with ATI Physical Therapy is created to allow very prompt and professional care and treatment from experts that know the players and know the level of play.

Look for additional information about new FC Wisconsin Eclipse partners in the near future!

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