FC Wisconsin Eclipse FMS and Concussion Education Program Presentation

On December 9, FC Wisconsin Eclipse players and parents attended a presentation from Dr. Jon Englund of Orthopedic Associates regarding the use of Functional Movement Screens to improve athletic performance and reduce injury, and on the diagnosis and care of concussions.  The program was presented by FC Wisconsin Eclipse as part of a player and parent education program.

The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) program is designed to identify areas of inflexibility or poor strength through a serious of tests.  After the tests, players are provided individualized assessments and corrective action plans to help improve strength and flexibility.

The Concussion Education portion of the presentation identified the causes, signs, and treatments of concussions in athletes.  Information was provided to help differentiate between headaches and concussions, and different protocols for return-to-play after varying degrees of concussion were described.

A redacted and condensed version of the presentation is available here.  The full version is only available for club members.

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