FC WI Player's Champions League Kicks Off

The inaugural season of the FC Wisconsin Player's Champions League kicked off on Thursday, February 2 with 2 age brackets of U15 and U18/19.

The Player's Champions League U15 age bracket contains club players from U13, U14 and U15 teams, and the U18/19 age bracket contains players from the U16, U17, and U18/19 teams.  Each bracket contains 4 teams who will play a "regular season" round robin, followed by a championship and consolation round.  Perhaps most exciting, their will be a Player's All Star game at the end of the season - with all participants selected by the players themselves.

The Player's Champions League is designed to foster greater leadership and accountability within the club, within a fun, competitive environment.

Week One: U19 Age Bracket

Week one saw Team Aspire vs. Team Develop in a game ultimately won by Team Develop 7-2 with some late goals to ice what was a tight match until the last 5 minutes.  Taylor Kerwin and Emma Jaskaniec combined to create a formidable attacking duo for Team Develop, and while Audrey Poorman and Josie Ascione were able to contain them for much of the game - they ultimately proved the difference with a combined 6 goals.

In the other game at U19, Team Achieve faced off against Team Unshakable in another goal-fest, finishing 7-4 in favor of Team Unshakable.  Amara Thompkins and Dri Andreini both scored twice for Team Unshakable, and Sydney Schaaf marshalled the team to a strong defensive performance.

Week One: U15 Age Bracket

The Team Aspire vs. Team Develop game in the U15 age group showed that team chemistry is not immediate, and it takes time for players to learn to play together.  Team Aspire put on a goal-scoring festival of 9 goals, with Lucia Englund, Ava Stelter, and Erin Hippo (with two lasers driven into the upper corner) each scoring twice.  Annika Seem orchestrated the play from midfield, playing provider to many of the goals.

In the second U15 game, Team Unshakable knocked off Team Achieve 4-2, behind two goals by Kylie Gress.  Mal Mcguire was active in every area of the field, building the game from the defensive third and supporting the attack as the team went forward.

Players of the Week

U19 Age Bracket: Though the scoring prowess of Jascaniec and Kerwin was impressive, it was the overall excellence of play of Sydney Schaaf that earned her Player of the Week Honors.  Stay tuned for more information about Sydney!

U15 Age Bracket: The honors for week one really came down to a battle between Mal Mcguire and Anika Seem.  Both players were active on attack and defense, and both were superb in possession.  At the end, with very little difference - they will share the Player of the Week Honors for week one.


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