FC WI Eclipse Announces Calvin Deutsch as Sports Medicine Consultant

As part of its ongoing commitment to providing the best possible development environment for female youth soccer athletes, FC Wisconsin Eclipse has announced Calvin Deutsch as the club’s Sports Medicine Consultant.

As part of its ongoing commitment to providing the best possible development environment for female youth soccer athletes, FC Wisconsin Eclipse has announced Calvin Deutsch as the club’s Sports Medicine Consultant.  In this role, Calvin will perform a variety of services:

  • Evaluate injuries and make physical therapy or other referral recommendations;
  • Coordinate physical therapy and return-to-play protocol for injured athletes, regardless of provider;
  • Provide direct physical therapy in the team environment as appropriate; and
  • Develop athletic performance training programs and “pre-hab” programs to maximize athletic speed, power, and balance and reduce risk of future injury.

Calvin is a Doctor of Physical Therapy with a degree from Creighton University, one of thirty-five Board Certified Sports Clinical Specialists in the state of Wisconsin, and the only physical therapist in Wisconsin in the US Olympic Committee's Physical Therapy Database.

Calvin grew up playing youth soccer in Milwaukee, and has worked as a youth coach in a variety of programs in the past several years.  In 2015 he was named the High Performance and Conditioning Coach for Marquette University Men's Soccer.  His background as a player and coach, coupled with his education and training, provides him with a unique understanding of the athletic demands on soccer players and the injury treatment and return to play process needed for the sport.

Over the past 10+ years, Calvin has built a reputation as a specialist in treating and working with soccer players, and recently opened Deutsch Physiotherapy Co., a direct-pay physical therapy practice in Wauwatosa.  Calvin has previously worked with many players from FC Wisconsin Eclipse, (click here for some athlete reviews).  In 2013, Calvin created the Invincibility Project as a tool for incorporating a variety of performance maximization and injury prevention programs into daily soccer training.

Calvin may provide physical therapy services directly for athletes at FC Wisconsin Eclipse or coordinate with other providers to insure that there are no mistakes or misunderstandings in the return to play process.  His role will ultimately help insure that players return to play as safely and efficiently as possible.  His “pre-hab” programs will also pro-actively help reduce risk of future injury for club players.

“We are excited to have Calvin as a member of our team,” said Director of Coaching Christian Lavers.  “His understanding of soccer athletes and commitment to the sport matches perfectly with our club philosophy.  Between the club’s use of Fit for 90 player monitoring and readiness, our analysis and use of heart rate data from training, our cutting edge periodisation, and now the integration of Calvin’s programming into the club, there is no better place for female players to maximize soccer performance and minimize risk of injury.”

Quotes from current and previous FC Wisconsin Eclipse Players and Parents:

  • “To have a physical therapist that cares so much about their athletes and wants to them perform to the best of their ability is more than any athlete could ask for.”
  • “Calvin has been very influential in getting me back on the soccer field.  He has helped me in numerous ways both mentally and physically.  I felt 100% ready to get back on the soccer field after working with Calvin>”
  • “Calvin works with his patients on the soccer field to make sure their movement, strength, and balance are appropriate before return to play is allowed.  We are so thankful that the coaches recommended Calvin to us.”
  • “Calvin has a far more important skill, the ability to relate to the athlete, help them reach a higher potential both in physical play and psychological advantage.  He has helped her keep her injuries to a minimum, heal her faster and stronger when she has been hurt, and given her a psychological edge when things become overwhelming.”

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