Fantastic Player Response to Psychological "Nudges" Program

Fantastic Player Response to Psychological

FC Wisconsin players are not letting the pandemic keep them from improving their mental game.  Every week, our athletes have taken advantage of the down time by reflecting on different psychological "nudge" topics including leadership, team cohesion, resilience, passion, fear, and motivation. These topics have helped them keep a positive mindset and encouraged them to engage in discussions with their family and teammates.  The response has been fantastic - below is some of what the athletes have shared with us about these topics:

  • Leadership – “Off the field, leaders will reach out to their teammates and try to make connections with them, learning their strengths and weaknesses. When they do this, a leader can help a team run in a way that highlights everyone’s strengths and supports them in times of weakness. Leaders also hold both their teammates and themselves accountable, don’t make excuses, and always try to improve.” – Emme – U15 ECNL
  • Team Cohesion – “Team cohesion on the field looks like every player on the field is on the same page. It feels like you’re on the same wavelength as everyone around you and you know where everyone is and will be, both when you do and when you don’t have the ball. It’s hard to explain the feeling to someone who hasn’t experienced it because it feels like everyone is part of the same brain. Off the field, it feels like everyone is your best friend and you just get each other. You can joke around with each other while knowing what it takes to win and nobody but your team quite understands the team dynamic.” – Liesel – U18/19 ECNL
  • Resilience – “This experience has challenged me because I have had to adapt to train differently and apart from my team. It has also taught me that I can push through things happening in my life and in soccer. It also taught me that I can be more positive when things aren’t going very well.” – Bekah – U12 Pre-ECNL
  • Passion – “ I play the game because I love competition and how it feels to work hard for something. Also, being surrounded by teammates who work just as hard gives me another reason to put in my best effort every day. I don’t want to let them down because I know they are working just as hard as me. It is important to have a “why” because it gives you purpose. You need a “why” in order to achieve your highest goals because those are the ones that require the most effort.” – Emily – U18/19 ECNL
  • Fear – “ I fear that the spring and summer season will be canceled and that things won’t get better. I love the spring season and it would be devastating if we did not get to play. When I get stressed I close my eyes and take a deep breath and keep going. I just take a moment of not thinking and calm my body. That is what I do to deal with fear and stress.” – Kalee – U14 RC
  •  Motivation – “It feels like I have direction and passion when I am motivated from within, and I have enough determination to overcome any obstacles to reach my goal. It means that I care so much about the situation or activity that I won’t give up until I have reached the goal.” – Ahnna – U17 ECNL

 Thanks to all of the players for sharing their thoughts, and for being so committed to keep improving!

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