Exciting Club Growth for 2015-16

Program 4 Begins on August 2!

In August, the fourth year of FC Wisconsin Eclipse will begin with a bang - with more players, more excitement, and more programs than ever before!  

The club's ECNL teams (U14-U18) will begin training on August 3, beginning a 5-week pre-season schedule to prepare them for competition in the nation's top youth female league.  Once again the club will be competing in the ECNL's Midwest Conference - one of, if not the best conference in the ECNL. 

The younger teams in the program will begin training slightly later in the month.  The training and competition schedule for these teams will focus on a 3:1 training-to-game ratio, in-house developmentally-focused competition, and other unique programs to provide these players with a solid technical base for long-term success.

As part of educating and informing parents about the philosophies and methods used in the club, and to discuss universal principles in long-term athlete development, each age group program will also have pre-season meetings with players and parents.  These meetings are great opportunities to learn more about what world-class youth development involves, and how to be the most effective and supportive parent of a young aspiring athlete.  

At FC Wisconsin Eclipse, each new year is referred to as a Program number based on the year of the club’s existence.  We do this because each year represents a new journey for every player, and a new opportunity for every member of the club to make their impact on their team and the teams around them.  2015-16 will be Program 4 for the club.  The year will be full of new "firsts" for club players and families:

  • A new Youth Academy Program (U8-U10)
  • A new club program based in Madison in conjunction with Verona Area Soccer Club
  • Deeper and more talented rosters at every ECNL age group and even more excited players in the Intermediate Program (U11-U13)
  • New staff in Madison and Milwaukee to work with every player
  • Expanded initiatives in player health and safety

Program 4 will mark a fantastic new beginning for the club, players, and families.  Wisconsin's ASPIRING club will continue to add new programs and resources for our players, insure that our players have the benefit of best-in-class training methodologies and teaching practices, and that our program-first culture continues to create an unmatched daily player experience.



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