ECNL Alums Dominate All-Conference Awards in Power 5 Conferences

The Staggeringly Dominant Path to College Soccer

How do you define elite?  One starting point would be having the Freshman of the Year and 70% of the All-Freshman or All-Newcomer Team in the ACC, SEC, Big 10, Big 12, and PAC-12.  Those are just some of the awards earned by ECNL alums in the Power 5 Conferences in 2014.  In total, ECNL alums earned 118 individual All-Conference honors in the 5 best conferences in women's college soccer in the 2014 season.  No other league or platform can come close to preparing this many of college soccer's stars - and the ECNL has risen to this staggering position in only 6 years.

The ECNL has nearly 1000 alums in the Power 5 Conferences, and ECNL alums dominate the award lists in every one of the conferences.  The reason is simple - the ECNL is the best, most competitive league in the world, and the best female youth development platform in the world.

If you dream of playing college soccer, there is one platform that opens the door better than any other.  Competing in the ECNL and training in an ECNL club will put you on the field against the best players in the country, allow you to be train with the best, and prepare you to take the next step in your career.

Are you serious about development and pursuing your goals, or just pretending?  The ECNL will answer that question.

  • 6 Years of ECNL
  • 960 Alums in the Power 5
  • 118 Individual Awards
  • Every Freshman of the Year
  • 70% of the All-Newcomer Teams

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