Development and Learning During COVID

As the club enters week 7 of the COVID-19 suspension of sport without team training or games, the players at FC Wisconsin continue to exceed expectations as they push themselves and each other through individual training sessions and embrace every challenge.  Thanks to the hard work of all of the staff, the players have no shortage of activities and sessions to help them grow and improve.


Here is a sample of what Wisconsin’s aspiring players have been doing in the last month.


Individual Training – Each player is given two individual technical training sessions every week. They can complete the trainings sessions on their own time and as many times as they like each week. The training sessions are sent as videos created specifically for FC Wisconsin players by the coaching staff.  A sample of these training sessions can be found on our club YouTube Channel.


Team Zoom Meetings – A wide range of meetings are held for players across all ages of the club. The U7-U10 players take part in weekly training sessions with Academy Director Joana Bromley, and the U11-12 players have also had several technical training sessions online as well as discussions on how to maintain team cohesion during this time.

The club's older players have continued to have their regular mental performance meetings, as well as meetings with former national champions (youth and collegiate) to discuss high performance environments, college recruiting, and tactical analysis sessions.


Team Challenges & Social Activities – There have been some great examples of team bonding during the past few weeks, with teams using their creativity to come up with new ways to connect with their teammates. We have seen several team video compilations and teams getting together via online meeting platforms, with everything from team yoga sessions, indoor Olympic challenges, videogame battles, and even birthday parties.  To see some examples, click here.


Virtual Training Groups – Each team from U13-U18 has been broken into “virtual training groups,” in order for the players to provide extra support and motivation to each other while training in isolation. Groups are given suggestions but no specific guidelines, and many groups are responding in different ways reflecting their own unique ideas and perspective.  We have seen videos of weekly training, Zoom training sessions together, weekly training logs for each group, and even group goal setting.  Click here to for examples.


Well done to all of our players as they work to improve during this period, and focus on coming back better than they left!

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