College Exposure in the ECNL

The ECNL is the nation's top competition, development, and player identification platform for girls.  However, the ECNL also provides the largest platform in the country for college recruiting, through competition at the 5 biggest showcases in the country and meaningful regular season competition between the best clubs in the country.  

The first step in earning the opportunity to play in college is for players to be good enough technically, tactically, physically, and psychologically.  One of the key parts of that development process is training with and competing against the best players in the country on a regular basis.  The ECNL provides that better than any platform in the country.

The second step in earning the opportunity to play in college is being seen playing against the best in the country - where every players' ability level can be anaylzed and compared in a meaningful way.  The ECNL provides that better than any competition in the country.

"Our program is fundamentally about helping create opportunity and growth for players," said Monica White.  "Players learn and grow in training, then have the opportunity to measure their improvement and be seen on the biggest youth soccer stage.  That separates FC Wisconsin Eclipse and the ECNL from other clubs."

"Colleges want to see the best against the best - they want to evaluate players while they are playing against other top players around the country who are also going to be playing in college," said Andy Lee.  "That is the only way to accurately predict whether the player you are looking at will be successful long-term in college.  Watching them against lower level competition does not help that process or provide that opportunity."

The U15-U18 ECNL teams just finished competition in Phoenix, AZ at the first ECNL National Showcase Event of the year.  To provide an example of the exposure provided for these players, the U-16 team was watched by 19 different colleges over the course of 3 days - even though the fall event is the smallest of the year (as it occurs during the college season).  The schools that came specifically to watch this team included Baylor University (Big 12), Boston University (America East), Northwestern University (Big 10), University of Iowa (Big 10), Stanford University (Pac 10), and Washington State University (Pac 10).  

If you aspire to play in college, anywhere in the country, there is no better place to learn, develop, and be exposed than the ECNL.

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