College Alums Come "Home" For Some Training Sessions

Players from Across the Country Back at FCW

College Alums Come

Beyond finally having better weather in Wisconsin, the end of May is always exciting because it is the time when alums from the club come back to Milwaukee for a few weeks, or sometimes a few months, of the summer.  Though some have only been gone less than a year, a year of college can have a big impact on players on and off the field – and having alums come back to train and talk to the club is a bright spot for coaches and players alike.

This year, players from schools all over the country have been back helping out with the Youth Academy, and training with the Spring Team.  Players from Wisconsin, Marquette, SMU, Illinois State, Louisville, and more have been back to their “stomping grounds” re-connecting with friends and coaches.

FC Wisconsin has placed 90% of the club’s graduating players into college soccer over the past 6 years, including 9 more players in the Class of 2018, so the club is regularly visited by collegiate alums from all over the country, from freshman to rising seniors.  Just as exciting, some of the club’s alums are even coming back into full-time coaching positions in the club.  Alum Jacie Lyon (Marquette) returned as the full-time FC Wisconsin – Madison Director last year, and alums Joana Bielefeld (Wisconsin) and Monica Gonyo (Loyola) were recently announced to be moving into full-time roles as the Youth Academy Director (Bielefeld) and Pre-ECNL and Goalkeeping Director (Gonyo) this fall. 

“As a club, we are really proud of the type of players, and more importantly, the type of young adults, that have graduated from the club in the past few years,” said Executive Director Hayley Lavers. 

To read some of the thoughts of these alums as they graduated in each of the past several years, click here.  Even better, hear what they had to say this week when they came back to the club!

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