Building Culture by Bowling!

A club must be about more than the just the game

On Thursday, May 19th, the FC Wisconsin ECNL program took a night off from training to go compete in a different sport - bowling!  

Using more than 10 lanes, players from 5 different age groups mixed with each other and found out who had the magic touch on the hardwood - and who obviously did not spend a lot of time on the lanes. With laughter, occassional dancing, and a lot of good natured trash-talk, the night was a huge amount of fun for players used to competing and training hard on their Thursdays in the spring. 

"The best teams are made of players that care for each other, and who enjoy spending time with each other," said coach Vito Parente.  "These types of events are great stress relievers during a busy time of the year, but more importantly they create memories and stories for players to share."  (On a related note, coach Parente finished in last place among the coaches despite his terrific bowling technique and years of study and practice.)

Key take-aways from the evening:

  • Mary Kate Simon (U18) took the highest score of the evening at 149, but promptly followed this by scoring less than half that amount in game two.
  • Audrey Poorman (U16) was the first player to request bumpers.   
  • Peighton Steffen (U14) set the baseline for the group with a 41 in her first game - potentially related to her unique form.
  • Ali Menard (U16) smiles as much while bowling a strike as when bowling a gutter ball.
  • Kayla Zimdars (U16) learned not to mock coach Hayley Siegel's bowling strength and power.  On that note, the speed of coach Siegel's bowling was ... very ... very ... not ... fast.

Thanks to Village Bowl in Menomonee Falls for hosting the program and helping make a great night!  Enjoy photos from the night below!

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