Founding and Purpose

FC Wisconsin was founded on May 31, 2012 with one goal in mind: to be the best developmental environment in the country for aspiring youth soccer players.  

At the heart of every decision in the organization lies one basic question: "What is in the best interests of the aspiring player?"

The following questions are constantly asked to provide depth and insight into this fundamental purpose, and help to insure the organization is laser-focused on aspiring players:

  1. What resources do players require in order to be successful?
  2. How to provide these resources as frequently, effectively, and efficiently as possible?
  3. What is the culture that creates top players and teams, and how is it created?
  4. How to create a consistent developmental path for players to follow in every age of their youth career?
  5. How to consistently improve coaching knowledge and level, and therefore increase the speed of player development?
  6. How to help educate players and families regarding the developmental path to achieve?


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