Addie Frantz Attends Prestigious id2 Training Camp

Addie Frantz Attends Prestigious id2 Training Camp

From February 28 - March 3, FC Wisconsin's Addie Frantz was training and competing with approximately 60 of the top 2005 and 2006 girls players from across the country in Florida.

Addie was invited to US Club Soccer's id2 Training Camp at Viera Regional Park for the event, where she could match up against some of the country's best, as well as recieve great information from top coaches on and off the field.  We asked Addie what her experience was like!

"I enjoyed meeting a lot of new people from all over the US and I found it challenging to play against girls who don't ever take a break from playing outdoor competition," said Addie.  One of the best learning opportunities from these types of experiences is for players to see how dedicated top players are to improving, and to really see what top level players are capable of doing on and off the ball.


"I learned the importance of being efficient on the field, meaning taking as few touches as possible to do what you need to do," continued Addie.  The biggest difference between levels of play, especially as players mature, is the ability to do more with fewer touches, and to do things quicker - by seeing and deciding faster than others.  This is a permament area of focus for players as they look to improve and reach higher levels.


"The coaches also told us that the best players are also unpredictable and gave us suggestions for improving our actions so that the opposing team can't read our moves," finished Addie about the experience.  "I'm excited to bring back what I've learned and apply it this season with FC."


Congratulations to Addie on her selection and performance!  For more on the id2 Training Camp, including sessions and rosters, click here!

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