A Successful First Fall for the ECNL Regional League Program

A Successful First Fall for the ECNL Regional League Program

It was an exciting and challenging first season for the FC WI ECNL Regional League program as the players competed in the first season of the ECNL Girls Regional League - Heartland Conference against top teams from across the Midwest! 


The ECNL Regional League - Heartland Conference is one of the best in the league, including nationally respected clubs like the Michigan Hawks, Eclipse Select, and St. Louis Scott Gallagher.  The conference also features well-known clubs in the Midwest like the Rockford Raptors, Sporting Michigan, and more.  The players knew it would be a great challenge and opportunity to face teams of this caliber - and the fall was exactly what was expected!


Each age group embraced the ECNL Regional League, and though they began the season as 5 individual teams, they ended the fall as a much more unified Program.


Development and skill growth is the focus of everything in the club, and the ECNL Regional League teams grew in understanding of the FC Wisconsin game model and the 4 moments of the game every week.  Perhaps most impressive this fall was the huge improvement in communication, and the culture to compete every day that the players started to create. The teams took the club value of "Compliment and Coach" to heart by the end of the season.   


Competition at the ECNL level is fierce, something these teams learned early in the season.  With the speed of improvement shown this fall, the future for these players is bright.


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