4 Big Ten Champions, 4 Award Winners!

Congrats to our alums at Wisconsin

4 Big Ten Champions, 4 Award Winners!

On Sunday October 27, 4 FC Wisconsin alums started for Wisconsin in a 3-1 win over Northwestern.  Beyond an important 3 points, including a goal from Dani Rhodes, this game also clinched Wisconsin the 2019 Big Ten Championship - the first ever outright regular season championship for the Badgers.

Throughout the season Jordyn Bloomer (GK), Payton Wesley (D), Dani Rhodes (F), and Emma Jaskaniec (F) have started nearly every game for the Badgers, helping lead Wisconsin to this fantastic accomplishment.  The group has also earned numerous individual honors in the process.

Payton Wesley is the team captain, Dani Rhodes leads the team in goals, Emma Jaskaniec scored the game winner over Penn State and earned Big 10 Freshman of the Week honors a few weeks ago, and Jordyn Bloomer was recognized as Big 10 Goalkeeper of the Week last week as she looks to continue to climb the record books in shut-outs.

This team trophy is a huge accomplishment, but on Thursday October 31, each of our alums added huge individual awards as well:

  • Jordyn Bloomer: 2019 Big 10 Goalkeeper of the Year
  • Dani Rhodes: 2019 Big 10 Forward of the Year 
  • Emma Jaskaniec: 2019 Big 10 All-Freshman Team
  • Payton Wesley: 2019 Big 10 Sportsmanship Award Winner

Four starters on Power-5 Conference championship team is an unprecedented accomplishment, and all of them earning prestigious individual awards makes it even more unique and special.

A 4-year starter and graduating senior, Payton Wesley had a ot of thoughts to share about the achievement:

"There is no better feeling than achieving a goal you set out years ago, with the people you set that goal with.  It definitely shows that hard work, resiliency, and belief pays off in the end.  I think our team's mentality to continue to get better every day has gotten us to this point, and I'm excited to see what's in store for us for the rest of the season.  It's been awesome to share this experience with Jordyn and Dani, because I know how hard they both worked to get here.  I am so grateful to have had two teammates like them by my side ever since FC Wisconsin, constantly pushing me to be better every single day.  I've also gotten the chance to see Emma J grow from a younger player at FC Wisconsin to now stepping into a starting role for us her freshman year.  Emma J always put in extra touches on the ball, and she continues to do that now at Wisconsin.  I am so happy for her and excited to have her as a teammate."

Jorydn Bloomer had very similar thoughts:

"Being able to bring home a Big 10 Championship to this program is such an unreal feeling.  This team has been special this season because we are all truly playing for each other and for the program every time we step on the field.  Being a part of something bigger than yourself has created a feeling of trust with this team, both on and off the field.  This is very similar to the culture I was able to experience at FC Wisconsin, where I got to play alongside some of the same girls who helped bring the Big 10 trophy back to Madison.  I am so thankful for the experiences and opportunities FC Wisconsin gave me that allowed me to be in the position I am today.  We have had a great season so far and I'm excited to see where it takes us.  On Wisconsin!"

Real player development shows in a player's ability to perform and succeed when they leave youth soccer, and we are incredibly proud of the growth, development, and performance of these alums!

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