2015 FC WI Eclipse Paintball Challenge!

True clubs are filled with players that spend time together on and off the field, across all age groups.  The 2015 FC WI Eclipse Paintball Challenge was the 3rd of its kind in the club, and each year has brought more fun.  The event is one of several throughout the year that bring players across age group together for fun, club-building activities.  

Wisconsin's ASPIRING players do more than train with ambition and focus on long-term goals - they build friendships and experiences with others of similar perspective and mindset, and they become part of a culture of growth, fun, and challenge.

Players from U13 - U18 took part in the event, divided into new teams almost every game.  The only constant throughout the day seemed to be that the coaches were targeted early and often - and somehow lost every game!  

Click here for some fun video from the day!

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