2014 Spring Program Paintball Challenge!

On March 30, more than 30 players from the FC Wisconsin Eclipse Spring Program suited up for a different competition - with masks, guns, and paintballs.  Over the course of 2 hours, the players and coaches hunted, chased, and shot at each other in a fun afternoon of teamwork and competition.

Almost everyone who has ever won a team championship understands that the best teams usually are teams that play hard for each other.  The willingess to fight for and support teammates is created through hours and hours on the training field, experiences on the road and traveling, and different off-the-field moments that allow players to show a new side of their personality.

At FC Wisconsin Eclipse, players are first part of the Program before they are part of any team.  Understanding this Program-first mentality is a key part of understanding long-term athletic development.  The relationships built on the athletic field at FC Wisconsin Eclipse extend across multiple age groups and off the field to create an environment of fun and family.

A big thanks to Brew City Paintball for supporting the program and making the afternoon great!

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